thyroarytenoid ligament

thyroarytenoid ligament

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  • inferior thyroarytenoid ligament — n VOCAL LIGAMENT …   Medical dictionary

  • thyroarytenoid — Relating to the thyroid and arytenoid cartilages. See t. (muscle). * * * thy·ro·ar·y·te·noid .ar ə tē .nȯid, ə rit ən .ȯid n a broad thin muscle that arises esp. from the thyroid cartilage, inserts into the arytenoid cartilage, and functions to …   Medical dictionary

  • thyroarytenoid fold — noun or thyroarytenoid ligament : any of four elastic ligaments of the larynx that are covered by folds of mucous membrane and arranged in a superior pair constituting the false vocal cords and an inferior pair forming the true vocal cords …   Useful english dictionary

  • Thyroarytenoid muscle — Infobox Muscle Name = PAGENAME Latin = musculus thyroarytenoideus GraySubject = 236 GrayPage = 1083 Caption = Muscles of the larynx, seen from above. Origin = Inner surface of the thyroid cartilage (anterior aspect) Insertion = Anterior surface… …   Wikipedia

  • vocal ligament — n the band of yellow elastic tissue contained in each true vocal cord and stretching between the thyroid and arytenoid cartilages called also inferior thyroarytenoid ligament * * * ligamentum vocale …   Medical dictionary

  • Vocal ligament — Infobox Ligament Name = PAGENAME Latin = ligamenta vocales GraySubject = 236 GrayPage = 1079 Caption = Muscles of the larynx, seen from above. Caption2 = From = thyroid cartilage To = arytenoid cartilage System = MeshName = MeshNumber =… …   Wikipedia

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